Data Validation

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The inspection of the data is as important as maintaining the accounts of the company. This is done in order to flow the assurance that the data which is being imported using various sources is complete, authentic, accurate, integrated, and well structured to define the actual data quality. This process is called Data Validation. The team of data scientists at Apeiron Techno Ventures are experts in the process of Data Validation and conducts the process through highly-advanced validation tools.

We appoint a special team of data scientists, database management experts, and analysts to complete the Data Validation process. Our team is responsible to guide you on the importance of data validation and how it works.

The improper entered data or data with anomalies is enough to create confusion in the entire system and may become the reason for any hit to the integrity of the company or business. There are a set of rules implemented by the team while conducting this operation and these rules are used from the mandated dictionary. 

Use of Data Validation and Importance

The data which is used for higher operations like artificial intelligence, business analytics, or data analysis should be highly filtered, precise, and authentic. This type of data can only be extracted through the process of data validation that processed the validated data. The results executed during the operations are completely based on precise data storage.

The data added timely contains different types of information in various packages and formats. Sometimes, the data which is obtained carries useless information or data. The team is responsible to bifurcate the data using analytical tools and set of rules. The team takes the important data and updates it with the system. There are two most common platforms used in data validation – Microsoft Excel & Google Spreadsheets. These two ways are used because the feature of validation is integrated into these two platforms in major cases.

Types Of Data Validation

i) Code Validation: This type of validation process confirms that the codes used for the inputs of different types of data are correct. The team at Apeiron Techno Venture consists of data analysts, excel and spreadsheet experts, data scientists, tools experts, and strategists who are responsible to execute the operation in a procedural way.

ii) Consistency Validation: The team at Apeiron Techno Ventures will ensure you that the data which is being validated is logical and consistent. This type of data ensures the reason and logic of the recorded data or information.

iii)  Data Type: The team is responsible to make sure that the data which is entered in fields or taken from any source is correct and should not mismatch any mandated format. This type is often considered common and general.

iv) Data format: In this process, the team of Apeiron Techno Ventures checks the capability of the entire data table. This process takes a little bit of time, but it majorly focuses on the fields that may contain incorrect records, duplicate data, or missing fields.

There are many other types of data validation processes that are frequently followed and conducted by the expert team of Apeiron Techno Ventures. We assure our clients that the process once conducted is attentively forwarded to the follow-up department. This department is assigned to perform the follow-up task in order to ensure the best results being carried out by the data which was taken by the operational teams.