Data Enrichment

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To improve the accuracy of the recorded data, the team uses the external updated data and incorporates it with the existing data of your company in order to complete the missing or incomplete data.

The team of Apeiron Techno Ventures is an expert in driving the updates and information to merge them into existing data by using the mandated techniques. This process is extremely helpful in completing the data.

The team consists of data scientists, network engineers, social media specialists, and engineers who perform the assigned work.

Nowadays the majority of organizations and companies are implementing this method just to bring out the precise result of data. The more perfect your company’s data makes up more perfectly updated records leading to the growth of your business.

How Data Enrichment Process Is Conducted

 The raw data collected from various sources like traffic data, email lists, contact records, social media data, and lead and sourced data, is organically stored in a central data store. This stored data is timely used by the data scientist to obtain and cleanse data. The data sourced from various sources is cleaned and improved by adding supplementary information.

The company is responsible that the data should be recorded in the best suitable format because the Data Enrichment process is all about rich and detailed information about your customer in one place. This gives you access to lead generation. There are two kinds of data enrichment processes that are mostly followed by data scientists.

Kinds of Data Enrichment

a) Geographical: The name itself is describing the nature of the data. This type of data enrichment targets the information that contains geographical values or information like address and location in terms of boundaries, borders, cities, states, and countries. Sometime in longitude or latitude form. This type of enrichment captures the postal codes, zip codes, and in fact, IP addresses in order to locate the client or particular person. Our team at Apeiron Techno Ventures will help you to complete this step following each parameter of the procedure.

b) Behavioral: This type of enrichment process mainly targets the nature of the client or any individual that will help to add information on basis of their interest. The team of data scientists at Apeiron Techno Ventures targets data that contains information related to personal interests by using external sources. The sources are properly verified by the company that is responsible to capture the data of the client or any individual. Knowing the personal information of the client will help the company to attract prospects or even employees by maintaining their records and sharing the moments periodically. The team of experts uses the software accordingly to conduct the process.

c) Demographic: This type of enrichment process captures the data that contains the variable information or information that updates from time to time like marital status, population either of employees or number of clients, income, designation, etc. The team at Apeiron Techno Ventures uses data tools to filter or obtain the data and enrich it with the existing data in order to enhance it for the perfect result.

Benefits of the Enrichment

a) Cost Saving and Improvise Customer Experience: To establish the best-filtered data in one place, organizations or companies hire a set of employees and pay them a hefty amount in the name of salaries. Similarly, if you follow the data enrichment process, you will save a big amount. That amount can be used in improving the client’s experience online and offline by targeting the smarter segment of the market. With the enriched data, you may be able to use the personal information of the client or any individual and contact them tactfully to grow your business relationships. This process is expertly handled by the team of Apeiron Techno Ventures so that you may be able to contact the client and personalise the communication and develop a strategic way for your business.

b) A Single Window to Information: The entire data of your client, as well as employee, is collected in one place using various external sources. This helps you to build up a relationship with the prospect or any individual. With just one click, you will be redirected to the precise information about the particular person and that information can be used timely as per the need of the company or organization.